How To Ensure Your Exterior Withstands Bad Weather

Inclement weather is nobody’s friend. In Britain, especially, we have to face drastic and forceful changes – from rain to sun, sleet to snow, and even high winds. That leads many people to ask whether home exteriors can be bolstered against the elements, so their properties can survive more environmental wear and tear.

Thankfully, there are a number of rendering solutions and other techniques for a well-proofed structure. We’ve listed them here, and described what they can guard against.

Stone cladding – a thick defensive shield

 Cladding is, essentially, a faux stone application. And just like granite, quartz, limestone or slate, it’s fairly impregnable. Cladding is typically a few inches thick, and acts as a robust guard against flying debris (such as tree branches in strong winds) and stormy conditions.

The same goes for hail and other extreme weathers. Cladding is built from two ‘leaves’ of wood or synthetic material, with the outer layer thinner than that on the inside. Between them rests an insulator. There is plenty of heft to take a physical assault, meaning your exterior can withstand all of the frost, water and direct sunlight your property will be faced with.

Scratch render – a waterproof aid

You may seek to avoid weather damage, yet a weathered aesthetic doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the process. Enter scratch render – a simpler way to achieve a weather-beaten effect, accomplished with a 2mm undercoat and a special comb to apply the rendering that goes on top.

Aside from the look, though, you’re getting a waterproof guard. It prevents the walls from letting in any moisture, preserving the integrity of the building. Depending on whether it’s summer or winter, a different part of the application may be waterproofed: the bottom coating or the top layer. In either case, your home is protected.

Polymer rendering – the anti-crack armour

Taking the typical formula a little further, polymer rendering comes with additional features that are mostly derived from plastic. The result? A stronger shell for the home, able to withstand harsh weathers for many decades. Polymer rendering is the least prone to cracks and chipping, which can occur when water becomes trapped and starts to freeze.

This technique is available in an array of colours just like paint, except you won’t have to apply coat after coat. The polymer render is also harder to wear away, so maintenance is easy.

Guttering and fascia – a manageable water system

 Home exteriors don’t begin and end at your walls. Fascia is important, as well as your guttering. If you don’t have a stable, well-cared-for gutter with the fascia to support it, then rainfall may turn into an issue. Water can coast off your roof until it’s too much for the tiles to take; each time it rains, more of the adhesive elements are washed away.

To prevent leaks, cracks and poor installation, you’ll need a capable rendering expert. MK Rendering fit the bill. We can tell you what may be needed, and how to achieve a property exterior you’ll rely on throughout the bad-weather months. Speak to us today to make your home safe and warm, in any environment.

Autumn Home Exterior Styles To Embrace

Crunching on red, yellow, and brown leaves with your shoes and cosying up to a fire… perhaps you’re embracing traditions of the colder months, but is your property? There are easy ways you can reflect the autumn with your home exteriors, so that your outdoors doesn’t look out of place amongst its surroundings. Here, we delve into a few styles you could potentially incorporate.

Accessories and plants

Whilst your outdoor area won’t be used as much as it is during the summer, this doesn’t mean it has to stay bare. You can place wicker garden furniture for an autumn vibe, layering them with textiles such as throws and quilts. This will add an authentic, traditional feel, and also ensure you can spend time outside without feeling chilly. For those days when it’s just too cold to be outdoors, you can display some décor to admire from inside your home. Station sculptures of woodland creatures, along with plants that blossom best in the autumn. These could include crocus, heather, dahlia and winter aconite.

Colour schemes

The coating of your home, as well as the items in your exterior, can use a specific colour palette to echo the season. There are ample shades to choose from, guaranteeing you’ll be able to find one that suits your property. The pale red tone of russet works well with the deeper shades of plum and damson, collectively creating the feeling of a cosy cocoon. You can even add in a hint of wispy lilac to add contrast.

Or you could opt for something more atmospheric with a muted palette. Display neutral greys, along with a dusty rose shade and burnished gold. This can be mingled with a canvas white to ensure your home will stand out.


Many autumn home exterior textures allow you to showcase these colour combinations. Machine sprayed renders finish with a choice of styles and offer the benefit of impressive strength too. This means they will be tough in the face of any poor weather conditions. They also remove the issue of condensation, so house damp is kept at bay. Another option is stone cladding, which not only conveys a classic autumn ambiance, but also helps to achieve the British heritage look. You needn’t worry about it losing its colour tone, as its durability guarantees its longevity. This is achieved with the waterproof qualities of scratch render too. Its comparable appearance to weathered stone will instantly fit in with your autumn-themed exterior.

Home exteriors with MK Rendering You’ll want to make sure that the house rendering choices you make not only portray an

autumn character, but suit your home and are completed to a quality standard. MK Rendering guarantees a solution that will meet all your requirements, and stand the test of time. To find out how we could fit your specification, get in touch with us today by calling 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

3 Areas Of Your Exterior To Refresh

Looking at your exterior and knowing that it needs a makeover is one thing. Identifying what exactly needs a refresh is another thing altogether. There are a number of areas that can be enhanced by applying house rendering. Here, we discuss the aspects of your property that could potentially require rejuvenation, and the types of service that would be most suitable.

1. Fascias and guttering

If fascia and guttering isn’t up to standard, then there is a risk to your property’s stability – as well as an increased chance of leaks. Also, it will give the home an unattractive aesthetic. You can ensure that yours is long-lasting by opting to use fascia and guttering made from Andura materials. This will give it a 30-year guarantee. MK Rendering will also make sure that the work is completed to the highest standards. We’ll see where the connections of fascia boards, soffits and downpipes can be made tougher. In addition, we guarantee that the colour and style choices complement any other rendering work.

2. External insulation systems

Switching on the heating the second summer turns to autumn is a sure sign that you may require external insulation systems. Whilst there are a few different ways to heat up your home, this one will prove the most effective. These systems lessen your carbon footprint, which in turn reduces your bills significantly. Their energy efficiency also adds value to your property – an advantage should you decide to sell it in the future. Along with this, external insulation systems are beneficial throughout the entire year, maintaining coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. They are durable too, meaning they’re a solution that lasts the test of time.

3. Walls

This is part of your outdoors that gets the most attention, so unsightly or damaged walls shouldn’t be tolerated. Textured wall coatings can help make it more appealing, giving it a fresh look and longevity. There’s also cement rendering, ideal for extra strength with increased protection from severe weather.

Stone cladding is fantastic for conveying a British heritage look with your property, and scratch render gives a weathered stone appearance. Or you could opt for pebble dashing, a mottled effect that will make your home sparkle. The wide choice of colours and tones ensures the stones will create an entirely individual look for your exterior.

Polymer render systems are the perfect solution for those wanting to protect against extreme condensation, or cracks or gaps, materialising in the future. These can be partnered with machine sprayed renders – a great way to achieve an eye-catching finish.

A simple brush and clean is another idea. This removes substances like dust, organic debris and pollutant stains to get your walls gleaming again. You may require renewed pointing work if your current pointing is sticking out like a sore thumb. This is essential for your property’s structure, and could lead to damp and mould if not done properly.

Whichever type of home rendering you choose, you should make sure it’s completed to a quality standard by experts. At MK Rendering, we do exactly this. To discuss the solution to refresh your exterior, speak to a member of our team by calling 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

Stone Cladding Vs. Textured Coating: Which Is Better?

Sometimes, plain wall textures aren’t enough. Home and commercial exteriors may look even better with another type of coating. Few people know what the main solutions are, but we’re here to tell you.

If you want grain, ridges or a rough aesthetic, there are two great options on the table. The first is stone cladding; the other, textured wall coatings. Keep reading to learn about both in terms of their impact on your property.

Stone cladding

Natural stone is a much sought-after prize for your exterior. The thing is, some homes or commercial premises don’t have the luxury – instead, they can bear stone cladding on various areas, from pillars to full wall facades and archways.

The benefits are:

* A lightweight alternative to stone slabs, for places that can’t really support the weight

* As much diversity or formality as you prefer – the stone can be arranged any way you like

* Extra insulation, which reduces the need for central heating

* A high level of water resistance, which really comes into play when the weather turns foul.

There are risks, though. Most of them rest at the feet of poor installation – if some gaps are left between the cladding and the wall, rain can seep in to the original exterior. The moisture can then become trapped and lead to damp or structural damage.

Textured wall coatings

A textured wall coating is just another paint style. Techniques are adjusted to give you a sanded, subtle or ‘popcorn’ finish. The existing paint has to be stripped off before the fresh coat can be applied.

Compared to stone cladding, there are several advantages:

* Generally, you won’t spend as much – cladding takes longer to prepare and cut, whilst a textured coat relies on paint and the right skills to make it bubble or grain

* There’s a chance to retain the original texture of your wall spaces

* Time is reduced, because nothing has to be sized and cut

* Colours are more diverse, since a whole palette is at your disposal.

The main drawback, comparatively, is less resistance to rain and UV over the years. Textured wall coatings are resilient, but not as much as a layer of cladding – stone is marginally hardier on the whole.

Landing on the perfect exterior solution

We’ve run over the main differences, but the decision lies with you. What does your budget and taste point towards? Who knows – a combination might even do the trick…

If you aren’t sure, we can make an assessment. MK Rendering provide stone cladding features and textured wall coatings throughout the UK. When clients are hovering between two possibilities, we love pinning one down. Call 0800 411 8675 or message us at for further information.

How To Get Rid Of House Damp For Good

The downside of being a homeowner has to be dealing with any issues the property has,
particularly the one that occurs time and time again: damp. It doesn’t seem to matter
how much condensation and mould you eradicate, it always resurfaces. Often this is
because there’s problems with the exterior of your property, but these can be fixed.
Here we go through how you can improve home exteriors to get rid of damp for good.

Prevent condensation

Rather than clearing the condensation once it appears, you can thwart it altogether by
using adequate heating and ventilation. Opening windows is a great way to easily let air
in, though heat will be lost from the house, a potential issue in the winter months. Cold
spots in walls or ceilings cause condensation to increase, so improving your insulation
can help to reduce it.
Another way to reduce high condensation levels is by using polymer render systems. As
bathrooms and kitchens produce the most moisture, extractor fans should be installed
in these areas, and moisture can also be removed via a dehumidifier.

Fix wall coatings

Polymer house rendering can also resolve the issue of cracks or gaps appearing on the
surface of walls coatings. They enable the coating to expand and contract within the
property, meaning your home will not only be at less risk of condensation, but look
more aesthetically appealing too.
Quality wall coatings will stand the test of time, and improve the strength of your
property. You can create a unique appearance by choosing from the variety of materials,
finish styles and colour tones that polymer render systems offers.

Reduce the risk of leaks

Leaks from home exteriors can seep into your property and lead to mould, even if the
water’s entry point is far away. Often the cause is poor guttering – this is because their
effectiveness deteriorates over time, or due to not being fitted correctly in the first
Replacing the fascias and guttering will be required, ideally with Andura materials as
these will give it a 30-year guarantee. An expert will measure it so as to discover where
the interrelation of the fascia boards, soffits and downpipes can be improved.

Fix subpar pointing

Bad pointing can lead to damp without you realising it, as well as cause mould and
insecure construction. You’ll have to take a look at it – if the spaces between the layering
aren’t neat and solid, then you have an issue.

To solve it, you can even it out by fixing a new layer of pointing. This can be done
yourself by raking and dampening the mortar, creating a mortar mixture and then
applying it. A time-consuming task, it’s often better to get professionals in, especially as
if the repointing isn’t done properly, damp will continue to be a problem.
Use expert house rendering services
It’s always best to outsource any external house renovations to professionals who know
how each solution will affect your property, and can suggest the best course of action in
any situation.
At MK Rendering, we ensure that everything we do is completed to the highest possible
standard. We’ll provide more than adequate protection for your property against damp,
and anything else that’s causing issues with home exteriors.
To discuss the best options to suit your home, speak to a member of our team by calling
0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

The Dos And Don’ts When Updating Home Exteriors

Deciding to boost the kerb appeal of your property is one thing, but there’s a number of aspects to consider before it can take place. Some of these won’t have even crossed your mind previously. To help you out, we’ve put together a breakdown of the absolute dos and don’ts you should be aware of […]

The Benefits Of House Rendering

You’ll have likely heard stories of your neighbours and friends rendering their homes,

leading you to wonder if it would be beneficial to your property. If it’s feeling a little

lacklustre, or needs toughening up, it can make the world of difference.

These aren’t the only reasons to give your exteriors a little TLC – join us as we discuss

all the benefits of house rendering.

An attractive appearance

After a tough day, coming home to a beautiful house can be just what you need. And it’s

a wonderful feeling whenever visiting friends and family complement its stunning


Some simple brushing and cleaning can be completed to bring the outside of your

property back to its former glory. This will eradicate dust and debris, as well as stains

from pollution. The exact treatment required will depend on the type of material used in

your wall coatings.

There are also a few types of house rendering that will make your exterior more eye-

catching. These include stone cladding, which will give your home a British heritage

look . It keeps its colour tone,

too, ensuring it will continue to look attractive for years to come.

Provides protection

Damage to home exteriors isn’t just unsightly. It could also have an adverse impact on

the property’s structure, and how well the outer layer protects the interior. When storm

season hits the UK, there needs to be some sort of defence in place.

Cement rendering helps to keep a house strong and stable. Fascias and guttering tend to

be weak, but replacing them with ones made from Andura materials will make sure they

last the test of time, and prevent leaks too.

Quality pointing may be a necessity for your home. Any stone or brickwork that has

botched or historic pointing will leave it open to damp and mould, as well as insecure

construction. Thankfully, it can be fixed or renewed by an expert rendering team.

Boosts kerb appeal

If you’re planning to move in the future, the last thing you’d want is a lack of viewings

because your exterior has repelled all potential buyers.

There are certain types of rendering which will help to enhance the kerb appeal of your

property, like pebble dashing. This combines quicklime and sand to create a dazzling

appearance. It is available in a wide range of styles, colours and tones, so that the finish

will be completely unique to your home.


Textured wall coatings can help to increase the worth of your home as well. They

smooth any imperfections on the surface and come in a variety of shades (including

stand-out pastel options), guaranteed to drive more viewing enquiries.

The benefits of rejuvenated exteriors are clear, but with so many different ways to give

your property a makeover, how do you determine which one will be most suitable and


This is where MK Rendering can help. We’ll discuss your requirements to establish the

best solution for you. To give your home a refresh, get in touch with our team by calling

on 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

5 Tips For Achieving The British Heritage Look

Our love of anything traditional knows no bounds, and it never fails to take us back in
time. The heritage look is certainly one many of us are fond of – and it can be easily
achieved within your living space.
Here, we dig into the ways you can transform your home into one that is classically, and
undeniably, British.

1. Use natural colours
Bright, vibrant colours would look out of place in times gone by, so your palette should
be fairly simple. Neutral tones will help to convey a richer culture, such as charming
shades of brown, beige and magnolia.
Truffle is an ideal tone to pick for painting your walls, providing a sense of warmth to
your home. Or perhaps you could select furniture in silvery white and mouse grey to
give an elegant, aged look to your rooms.

2. Reupholster your sofas
Plain sofas can easily be made classic by reupholstering them. It’s not just traditional
colouring that will help achieve this – certain materials lend themselves well to the
heritage look.
Tweed, velvet and suede are just some of your options. It’s important to take note of the
properties of these materials, however. The latter is quite high maintenance due to its
porosity to liquids and dirt, so faux suede may be a better choice for your home.

3. Add in a wood burning stove
Having this item heat up your home will instantly transform it into a property with a
period feel. There’s nothing quite like the flicker of authentic flames to cosy up your
living space and transport you deep into the British countryside.
The fact that they are energy-efficient and can lower your bills is a bonus. As a
renewable fuel source that can be used to heat water, they allow you to be more self-
sufficient in the running of your home.

4. Build a country kitchen
Stripping your entire kitchen and installing the features of a country cottage is a sure-
fire way to give it that quintessentially British look. But you can achieve a similar effect
on a smaller budget by making a few characterful tweaks.
Swapping your flooring for terracotta tiling is one idea. Another is to use beams to hang
copper pots and pans, which will also help maximise cupboard space. Wood
countertops will provide a rustic charm, and you can even purchase some furniture in
matching materials to complete the illusion.

5. Use stone cladding on your exterior
It’s not just the interior of your home that can be made to look traditional. Use stone
cladding on your exterior, and passers-by will think they’re in a different time period
altogether (and likely stop to admire its beauty!).
Stone is one of the best wall coatings available due to its longevity – it doesn’t lose its
colour tone, and is strong and durable in all weathers.
Whilst some of these tips are easy to implement, adding stone cladding to your exterior
requires a professional. It’s best to get an expert to complete the work to the highest
quality standard so that you can get many years of joy out of it. Get in touch with MK
Rendering today for information about how we can give your home exteriors a British
heritage appearance.

5 Signs Your Home Exterior Needs A Spruce Up

An unmaintained exterior isn’t only unattractive – it can also lead to a whole host of problems. From mould and leaks to that annoying bump in your wall, a spruce up of your exterior could solve your property woes.

We’ve put together five potential issues your home may have, as well as suggestions to resolve them, so you can easily transform your exterior from shabby to stunning.

Accumulating condensation

Not only is a high level of condensation not aesthetically pleasing, but it can also result in potentially harmful mould growth. A dehumidifier may seem like the obvious answer, but they can prove frustrating with the cost, effort and noise involved.

A more effective solution is polymer render systems which will last the test of time. On top of this, they also allow wall coatings to expand and contract with your home, meaning that cracks and gaps won’t appear on the surface.

Trickling leaks

Whether it’s a little drip or a huge outflow, no one wants a leak. Rather than fixing them continuously, fascia and guttering restoration can prevent the seepage from occurring in the first place.

MK Rendering will ensure that your fascia boards, soffits and downpipes possess the maximum strength possible – using Andura materials for a 30-year guarantee on any of the roofing work we carry out.

Fading colour tones

Colour’s often the thing people notice first, so worn-out tones on your home’s exterior will likely take away from the charm both you and visitors should feel. You may think this would be impossible to avoid, as this effect is generally produced by the typically rainy British weather.

But you can thwart the weather from causing your exterior to lose colour by opting for scratch render. It’s waterproof and incredibly resilient to all types of testing conditions.

Bumps and grooves appearing

If uneven walls have materialised, then textured coating will give your exterior the highest amount of strength possible. It can last up to 30 years, meaning that it’ll more than provide value for money.

It will also boost the kerb appeal of your home, and provide flawless colour consistency. There’s a range of shades to choose from as well, so you can select the one that best suits your home.

Failing pointing

If the work previously done on your pointing wasn’t good enough, or it’s time for renewal after a long period, then a fantastic pointing service will be necessary. Otherwise your exterior will be at risk of not being structurally sound, as well as damp and mould.

MK Rendering’s pointing solution will ensure your home is protected from insecure construction, as well as achieving a visually consistent look for your property.

A neglected exterior can easily be fixed with these solutions, leaving you with a home that will stun in all the right ways. Before you decide to give your property a boost, it’s best to discuss the most suitable solution for you. Get in contact with our team by giving us a call on 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

Home Exterior Trends To Embrace In 2018

With summer in full force, the longer, brighter hours make now the perfect time for a quick and flawless revamp of your exterior. But, with such a huge selection of textures, designs and colour schemes to choose from, it’s difficult to make a speedy decision.

To guarantee you can get your home renovated before the autumn takes the sun away, we’ve put together three key exterior trends for you to pick from.

Mixed coatings

You don’t have to limit your exterior to just one type of coating. Utilising a multitude of them will help to accentuate certain parts of your property and avoid a ‘blended’ look of the whole home. It’ll also create a unique style which your neighbours won’t be able to mimic.

Stone cladding could be used to highlight the entrance of your home, for example, with pebble dashing on the front for an alluring mottled effect.

Contrasting colours

Matching white with ivory and beige looks clean but produces a monotonous appearance. To get everyone else’s eyes on your exterior, contrasting colours will create a striking effect that can’t be missed.

Use shades of colours on opposite sides of the spectrum – a mix of a light sandstone brown with a darker roasted coffee shade, perhaps. They’ll complement each other perfectly, and adding a bold accent of another colour will ensure that your home stands out from all the rest.

Natural finishes

Draw the eyes with an authentic look that’ll appear fresh whilst also retaining a traditional charm. With an updated layer of natural-looking rendering, your exterior will be durable and strong against any testing conditions.

Machine sprayed rendering will add an attractive glow that can be tailored to the needs of your property. Cement rendering creates a unique appearance that also expresses heritage, and scratch rendering offers a customisable, rustic look which is reminiscent of breathtaking weathered stone.

Whichever trend you decide will perform the ideal transformation for your home, we think summer should be spent having fun in the sun, rather than trying your hand at DIY. Here’s where MK Rendering can assist – we’ll not only help you to determine the best solution, we’ll implement all the renovations for you. Speak to a member of our team by calling 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to