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Boost your brick and stonework qualities with pointing services from MK Rendering. It ensures the spaces between your layering are back to their best – a neat, solid surface that’s vital for any home exteriors throughout the UK.

Pointing refers to the mortar lines surrounding each piece of stone or brick. Typically, these are mixed from lime, sand or cement, and work to hold your structure together. They also play a part in the visual consistency of your home; bad pointing work is very noticeable, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

There are several ways to deliver a fantastic pointing solution, and we’re experienced in all of them. MK Rendering will restore your property’s exterior, paving the way for house rendering and wall coatings if you’re looking for a complete solution.

Quality Pointing for Home Exteriors

Pointing can cover up to 10-15% of a wall. Failure to renew it, or fix a botched job, is going to leave a large section of your property uncared for. Subpar pointing exposes your home to damp, mould, and insecure construction.

However, fixing a new layer of pointing yourself can be very labour-intensive. That’s why our team can take over, drawing on years of experience in external home improvements to protect your property from the elements.

We can offer this as a standalone service, or a pre-emptive task before work on cement rendering, polymer rendering or any other wall coatings begins. It evens out the surface for more extensive jobs, so everything has a uniform appearance.

Email MK Rendering on info@mkrendering.co.uk to see how we work, and request a free quote for your property.