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Polymer Render Systems

Polymer render systems are an excellent solution for enhancing the strength and appearance of exteriors. They offer an exceptionally high-strength coating, matched by an attractive finish, making them a reliable choice for wall coatings.

By incorporating polymers and resins into the mix, these systems achieve an impressive degree of flexibility, allowing wall coatings to expand and contract with the property itself. As such, you don’t need to worry about cracks or gaps appearing on the surface over time, nor will you need to contend with high levels of condensation.

For cost-effective house rendering that boasts an incredibly long lifespan, polymer render systems offer spectacular value for money. MK Rendering can help you find the perfect finish for any home exteriors, giving your property a boost.

Advanced Polymer Wall Coatings

At MK Rendering, we work with only the best polymer render systems available – allowing you to take advantage of a super-strong, long-lasting, cost-efficient solution to revamp your property.

The choice is in your hands when you turn to us for polymer rendering. With multiple materials (K-rend, Jubosil, Wethertex), finish styles (spray render, scratch render) and colour tones to choose from, you can get the best results from state-of-the-art polymer render systems.

Our house rendering experts have an intimate understanding of how these systems and techniques come together, and can advise you on the most suitable solution for your property and budget. This level of industry knowledge is one of the reasons why we’re a trusted choice for wall coatings nationwide.

Get in touch with MK Rendering to explore how polymer render can enhance your property, and what’s involved. We specialise in transforming home exteriors, so drop us an email info@mkrendering.co.uk to find out more.