• Textured Coating

Textured Coating

Wall coatings can make a huge difference to the value and kerb appeal of your property. Textured coating is a mixed solution that gives home exteriors an entirely new look and feel, especially when applied by experienced industry professionals.

Ideal for any properties with uneven walls (where bumps and grooves are prominent on the exterior) textured coating is one of the toughest solutions available – in many instances lasting for as long as 30 years.

MK Rendering can apply textured coating with a flawless colour consistency, enabling your property to achieve an attractive and long-lasting protection.

Quality Textured Wall Coatings

Textured coating is one of the most versatile finishes, with a huge variety of different colour options to suit your preferences. From crisp white to eye-catching pastel shades, the possibilities are endless when you have the right support.

The professionals at MK Rendering are skilled and knowledgeable, offering textured coating solutions for all types of home exteriors. We draw on a diverse selection of silicone acrylic textures to ensure maximum strength for every textured coating.

For homeowners seeking a solution that will stand the test of time – even in troublesome climates – MK Rendering have the answer. We’re a first choice for wall coatings across the UK, and we’re always happy to help.

If you want to learn whether your property is a perfect fit for textured coating, or find out what types of finishes we have available, simply get in touch with the MK Rendering team at info@mkrendering.co.uk today.