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Textured Wall Coatings: A Hands-On Introduction

Texture is typically associated with touch, yet when it comes to wall coatings for properties, its aesthetic abilities are the reason behind its popularity. A lick of paint to your house generally doesn’t add the rejuvenation you feel it needs, but textured wall coatings can create a completely new look. Here, we introduce you to […]

4 Ways To Refresh Home Exteriors In Time For Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Barbeques, garden parties, and simply sitting in the shade are likely to be common activities over the next few months. However, sunrays also shine a light on your home, which can be an issue if the exterior is not in the best state. If substandard or flawed exteriors make you feel […]

Tips For Heating Your Home Affordably

There’s nothing worse than being huddled up on your sofa, wearing the best part of a dozen layers, trying to stop your teeth from chattering. Freezing homes are a huge burden, preventing you from getting your forty winks and even causing you to catch a cold. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not a problem […]

The Call For Cladding: Where And How Can It Be Used?

For years, cladding has been used as a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to building a property from the ground up in stone. It’s a popular choice for wall coatings, heightening the aesthetic pull of your home or business venue with a faux-stone finish. So when might it be used? What functions does it serve, and […]