Autumn Home Exterior Styles To Embrace

Crunching on red, yellow, and brown leaves with your shoes and cosying up to a fire… perhaps you’re embracing traditions of the colder months, but is your property? There are easy ways you can reflect the autumn with your home exteriors, so that your outdoors doesn’t look out of place amongst its surroundings. Here, we delve into a few styles you could potentially incorporate.

Accessories and plants

Whilst your outdoor area won’t be used as much as it is during the summer, this doesn’t mean it has to stay bare. You can place wicker garden furniture for an autumn vibe, layering them with textiles such as throws and quilts. This will add an authentic, traditional feel, and also ensure you can spend time outside without feeling chilly. For those days when it’s just too cold to be outdoors, you can display some décor to admire from inside your home. Station sculptures of woodland creatures, along with plants that blossom best in the autumn. These could include crocus, heather, dahlia and winter aconite.

Colour schemes

The coating of your home, as well as the items in your exterior, can use a specific colour palette to echo the season. There are ample shades to choose from, guaranteeing you’ll be able to find one that suits your property. The pale red tone of russet works well with the deeper shades of plum and damson, collectively creating the feeling of a cosy cocoon. You can even add in a hint of wispy lilac to add contrast.

Or you could opt for something more atmospheric with a muted palette. Display neutral greys, along with a dusty rose shade and burnished gold. This can be mingled with a canvas white to ensure your home will stand out.


Many autumn home exterior textures allow you to showcase these colour combinations. Machine sprayed renders finish with a choice of styles and offer the benefit of impressive strength too. This means they will be tough in the face of any poor weather conditions. They also remove the issue of condensation, so house damp is kept at bay. Another option is stone cladding, which not only conveys a classic autumn ambiance, but also helps to achieve the British heritage look. You needn’t worry about it losing its colour tone, as its durability guarantees its longevity. This is achieved with the waterproof qualities of scratch render too. Its comparable appearance to weathered stone will instantly fit in with your autumn-themed exterior.

Home exteriors with MK Rendering You’ll want to make sure that the house rendering choices you make not only portray an

autumn character, but suit your home and are completed to a quality standard. MK Rendering guarantees a solution that will meet all your requirements, and stand the test of time. To find out how we could fit your specification, get in touch with us today by calling 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

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