Deciding to boost the kerb appeal of your property is one thing, but there’s a number of
aspects to consider before it can take place. Some of these won’t have even crossed your
mind previously. To help you out, we’ve put together a breakdown of the absolute dos
and don’ts you should be aware of prior to improving home exteriors.

Do remember the property’s heritage

Whilst there’s a number of rendering options available to transform home exteriors,
you don’t want to make it unrecognisable. Every property has an age to it, and you’ll
want this to be conveyed in its appearance.
You can choose architectural features that reflect its time. This can be as simple as a lick
of pastel paint for period properties, or some stone cladding for a traditional charm.
There’s plenty of options available to improve both the durability and appearance of
your exterior, without completely changing the look.

Don’t disregard the neighbours

On a similar note, reflecting your property’s heritage will ensure it doesn’t stand out too
much. Of course you don’t want your home to be a carbon copy of the others in the
surrounding area, but there is such a thing as being too prominent. It’ll cause your home
to look like the odd one out, especially if it’s a terraced or semi-detached house.
You can tie it in with the rest by choosing similar features. To guarantee that there is
some degree of distinctiveness, you can create a unique style by opting for mixed
coatings or a mottled effect with pebble dashing.

Do improve your energy efficiency

With the amount of investment that goes into house rendering, it can’t all be about
appearance. Take the opportunity to enhance the energy efficiency of the property also
– this can be done with external insulation systems.
These allow your home to stay cool in the summer months and warm up in the winter. A
long-lasting solution, they’ll reduce your carbon footprint, along with the cost of your
energy bills.

Don’t forget about the property value

Perhaps not in your lifetime, but at some point the home will be sold. When this does
happen, you’ll want it to possess as much value as possible. The external insulation
systems are a great way to do this, as low energy bills are always desirable.
Another option that will boost kerb appeal is cement rendering. This blends different
materials to produce a unique surface texture that will attract homebuyers. There’ll be
features you can fix to increase the value as well – uneven walls can be corrected with
textured coating.

Do choose a partner for a professional finish

Whilst some of the options for transforming home exteriors can be done yourself, it’s
best to choose a professional to ensure that the work is completed to the necessary
The MK Rendering team has experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years, giving
you confidence in the standards of our work. With a variety of design styles, colour
tones and materials available, we’ll create the appearance that’s perfect for your
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