The Benefits Of House Rendering

You’ll have likely heard stories of your neighbours and friends rendering their homes,

leading you to wonder if it would be beneficial to your property. If it’s feeling a little

lacklustre, or needs toughening up, it can make the world of difference.

These aren’t the only reasons to give your exteriors a little TLC – join us as we discuss

all the benefits of house rendering.

An attractive appearance

After a tough day, coming home to a beautiful house can be just what you need. And it’s

a wonderful feeling whenever visiting friends and family complement its stunning


Some simple brushing and cleaning can be completed to bring the outside of your

property back to its former glory. This will eradicate dust and debris, as well as stains

from pollution. The exact treatment required will depend on the type of material used in

your wall coatings.

There are also a few types of house rendering that will make your exterior more eye-

catching. These include stone cladding, which will give your home a British heritage

look . It keeps its colour tone,

too, ensuring it will continue to look attractive for years to come.

Provides protection

Damage to home exteriors isn’t just unsightly. It could also have an adverse impact on

the property’s structure, and how well the outer layer protects the interior. When storm

season hits the UK, there needs to be some sort of defence in place.

Cement rendering helps to keep a house strong and stable. Fascias and guttering tend to

be weak, but replacing them with ones made from Andura materials will make sure they

last the test of time, and prevent leaks too.

Quality pointing may be a necessity for your home. Any stone or brickwork that has

botched or historic pointing will leave it open to damp and mould, as well as insecure

construction. Thankfully, it can be fixed or renewed by an expert rendering team.

Boosts kerb appeal

If you’re planning to move in the future, the last thing you’d want is a lack of viewings

because your exterior has repelled all potential buyers.

There are certain types of rendering which will help to enhance the kerb appeal of your

property, like pebble dashing. This combines quicklime and sand to create a dazzling

appearance. It is available in a wide range of styles, colours and tones, so that the finish

will be completely unique to your home.


Textured wall coatings can help to increase the worth of your home as well. They

smooth any imperfections on the surface and come in a variety of shades (including

stand-out pastel options), guaranteed to drive more viewing enquiries.

The benefits of rejuvenated exteriors are clear, but with so many different ways to give

your property a makeover, how do you determine which one will be most suitable and


This is where MK Rendering can help. We’ll discuss your requirements to establish the

best solution for you. To give your home a refresh, get in touch with our team by calling

on 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

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