5 Tips For Achieving The British Heritage Look

Our love of anything traditional knows no bounds, and it never fails to take us back in
time. The heritage look is certainly one many of us are fond of – and it can be easily
achieved within your living space.
Here, we dig into the ways you can transform your home into one that is classically, and
undeniably, British.

1. Use natural colours
Bright, vibrant colours would look out of place in times gone by, so your palette should
be fairly simple. Neutral tones will help to convey a richer culture, such as charming
shades of brown, beige and magnolia.
Truffle is an ideal tone to pick for painting your walls, providing a sense of warmth to
your home. Or perhaps you could select furniture in silvery white and mouse grey to
give an elegant, aged look to your rooms.

2. Reupholster your sofas
Plain sofas can easily be made classic by reupholstering them. It’s not just traditional
colouring that will help achieve this – certain materials lend themselves well to the
heritage look.
Tweed, velvet and suede are just some of your options. It’s important to take note of the
properties of these materials, however. The latter is quite high maintenance due to its
porosity to liquids and dirt, so faux suede may be a better choice for your home.

3. Add in a wood burning stove
Having this item heat up your home will instantly transform it into a property with a
period feel. There’s nothing quite like the flicker of authentic flames to cosy up your
living space and transport you deep into the British countryside.
The fact that they are energy-efficient and can lower your bills is a bonus. As a
renewable fuel source that can be used to heat water, they allow you to be more self-
sufficient in the running of your home.

4. Build a country kitchen
Stripping your entire kitchen and installing the features of a country cottage is a sure-
fire way to give it that quintessentially British look. But you can achieve a similar effect
on a smaller budget by making a few characterful tweaks.
Swapping your flooring for terracotta tiling is one idea. Another is to use beams to hang
copper pots and pans, which will also help maximise cupboard space. Wood
countertops will provide a rustic charm, and you can even purchase some furniture in
matching materials to complete the illusion.

5. Use stone cladding on your exterior
It’s not just the interior of your home that can be made to look traditional. Use stone
cladding on your exterior, and passers-by will think they’re in a different time period
altogether (and likely stop to admire its beauty!).
Stone is one of the best wall coatings available due to its longevity – it doesn’t lose its
colour tone, and is strong and durable in all weathers.
Whilst some of these tips are easy to implement, adding stone cladding to your exterior
requires a professional. It’s best to get an expert to complete the work to the highest
quality standard so that you can get many years of joy out of it. Get in touch with MK
Rendering today for information about how we can give your home exteriors a British
heritage appearance.

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