5 Signs Your Home Exterior Needs A Spruce Up

An unmaintained exterior isn’t only unattractive – it can also lead to a whole host of problems. From mould and leaks to that annoying bump in your wall, a spruce up of your exterior could solve your property woes.

We’ve put together five potential issues your home may have, as well as suggestions to resolve them, so you can easily transform your exterior from shabby to stunning.

Accumulating condensation

Not only is a high level of condensation not aesthetically pleasing, but it can also result in potentially harmful mould growth. A dehumidifier may seem like the obvious answer, but they can prove frustrating with the cost, effort and noise involved.

A more effective solution is polymer render systems which will last the test of time. On top of this, they also allow wall coatings to expand and contract with your home, meaning that cracks and gaps won’t appear on the surface.

Trickling leaks

Whether it’s a little drip or a huge outflow, no one wants a leak. Rather than fixing them continuously, fascia and guttering restoration can prevent the seepage from occurring in the first place.

MK Rendering will ensure that your fascia boards, soffits and downpipes possess the maximum strength possible – using Andura materials for a 30-year guarantee on any of the roofing work we carry out.

Fading colour tones

Colour’s often the thing people notice first, so worn-out tones on your home’s exterior will likely take away from the charm both you and visitors should feel. You may think this would be impossible to avoid, as this effect is generally produced by the typically rainy British weather.

But you can thwart the weather from causing your exterior to lose colour by opting for scratch render. It’s waterproof and incredibly resilient to all types of testing conditions.

Bumps and grooves appearing

If uneven walls have materialised, then textured coating will give your exterior the highest amount of strength possible. It can last up to 30 years, meaning that it’ll more than provide value for money.

It will also boost the kerb appeal of your home, and provide flawless colour consistency. There’s a range of shades to choose from as well, so you can select the one that best suits your home.

Failing pointing

If the work previously done on your pointing wasn’t good enough, or it’s time for renewal after a long period, then a fantastic pointing service will be necessary. Otherwise your exterior will be at risk of not being structurally sound, as well as damp and mould.

MK Rendering’s pointing solution will ensure your home is protected from insecure construction, as well as achieving a visually consistent look for your property.

A neglected exterior can easily be fixed with these solutions, leaving you with a home that will stun in all the right ways. Before you decide to give your property a boost, it’s best to discuss the most suitable solution for you. Get in contact with our team by giving us a call on 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to info@mkrendering.co.uk.

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