Home Exterior Trends To Embrace In 2018

With summer in full force, the longer, brighter hours make now the perfect time for a quick and flawless revamp of your exterior. But, with such a huge selection of textures, designs and colour schemes to choose from, it’s difficult to make a speedy decision.

To guarantee you can get your home renovated before the autumn takes the sun away, we’ve put together three key exterior trends for you to pick from.

Mixed coatings

You don’t have to limit your exterior to just one type of coating. Utilising a multitude of them will help to accentuate certain parts of your property and avoid a ‘blended’ look of the whole home. It’ll also create a unique style which your neighbours won’t be able to mimic.

Stone cladding could be used to highlight the entrance of your home, for example, with pebble dashing on the front for an alluring mottled effect.

Contrasting colours

Matching white with ivory and beige looks clean but produces a monotonous appearance. To get everyone else’s eyes on your exterior, contrasting colours will create a striking effect that can’t be missed.

Use shades of colours on opposite sides of the spectrum – a mix of a light sandstone brown with a darker roasted coffee shade, perhaps. They’ll complement each other perfectly, and adding a bold accent of another colour will ensure that your home stands out from all the rest.

Natural finishes

Draw the eyes with an authentic look that’ll appear fresh whilst also retaining a traditional charm. With an updated layer of natural-looking rendering, your exterior will be durable and strong against any testing conditions.

Machine sprayed rendering will add an attractive glow that can be tailored to the needs of your property. Cement rendering creates a unique appearance that also expresses heritage, and scratch rendering offers a customisable, rustic look which is reminiscent of breathtaking weathered stone.

Whichever trend you decide will perform the ideal transformation for your home, we think summer should be spent having fun in the sun, rather than trying your hand at DIY. Here’s where MK Rendering can assist – we’ll not only help you to determine the best solution, we’ll implement all the renovations for you. Speak to a member of our team by calling 0800 411 8675 or sending a message to info@mkrendering.co.uk.

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