How To Get Rid Of House Damp For Good

The downside of being a homeowner has to be dealing with any issues the property has,
particularly the one that occurs time and time again: damp. It doesn’t seem to matter
how much condensation and mould you eradicate, it always resurfaces. Often this is
because there’s problems with the exterior of your property, but these can be fixed.
Here we go through how you can improve home exteriors to get rid of damp for good.

Prevent condensation

Rather than clearing the condensation once it appears, you can thwart it altogether by
using adequate heating and ventilation. Opening windows is a great way to easily let air
in, though heat will be lost from the house, a potential issue in the winter months. Cold
spots in walls or ceilings cause condensation to increase, so improving your insulation
can help to reduce it.
Another way to reduce high condensation levels is by using polymer render systems. As
bathrooms and kitchens produce the most moisture, extractor fans should be installed
in these areas, and moisture can also be removed via a dehumidifier.

Fix wall coatings

Polymer house rendering can also resolve the issue of cracks or gaps appearing on the
surface of walls coatings. They enable the coating to expand and contract within the
property, meaning your home will not only be at less risk of condensation, but look
more aesthetically appealing too.
Quality wall coatings will stand the test of time, and improve the strength of your
property. You can create a unique appearance by choosing from the variety of materials,
finish styles and colour tones that polymer render systems offers.

Reduce the risk of leaks

Leaks from home exteriors can seep into your property and lead to mould, even if the
water’s entry point is far away. Often the cause is poor guttering – this is because their
effectiveness deteriorates over time, or due to not being fitted correctly in the first
Replacing the fascias and guttering will be required, ideally with Andura materials as
these will give it a 30-year guarantee. An expert will measure it so as to discover where
the interrelation of the fascia boards, soffits and downpipes can be improved.

Fix subpar pointing

Bad pointing can lead to damp without you realising it, as well as cause mould and
insecure construction. You’ll have to take a look at it – if the spaces between the layering
aren’t neat and solid, then you have an issue.

To solve it, you can even it out by fixing a new layer of pointing. This can be done
yourself by raking and dampening the mortar, creating a mortar mixture and then
applying it. A time-consuming task, it’s often better to get professionals in, especially as
if the repointing isn’t done properly, damp will continue to be a problem.
Use expert house rendering services
It’s always best to outsource any external house renovations to professionals who know
how each solution will affect your property, and can suggest the best course of action in
any situation.
At MK Rendering, we ensure that everything we do is completed to the highest possible
standard. We’ll provide more than adequate protection for your property against damp,
and anything else that’s causing issues with home exteriors.
To discuss the best options to suit your home, speak to a member of our team by calling
0800 411 8675 or sending a message to

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