Stone Cladding Vs. Textured Coating: Which Is Better?

Sometimes, plain wall textures aren’t enough. Home and commercial exteriors may look even better with another type of coating. Few people know what the main solutions are, but we’re here to tell you.

If you want grain, ridges or a rough aesthetic, there are two great options on the table. The first is stone cladding; the other, textured wall coatings. Keep reading to learn about both in terms of their impact on your property.

Stone cladding

Natural stone is a much sought-after prize for your exterior. The thing is, some homes or commercial premises don’t have the luxury – instead, they can bear stone cladding on various areas, from pillars to full wall facades and archways.

The benefits are:

* A lightweight alternative to stone slabs, for places that can’t really support the weight

* As much diversity or formality as you prefer – the stone can be arranged any way you like

* Extra insulation, which reduces the need for central heating

* A high level of water resistance, which really comes into play when the weather turns foul.

There are risks, though. Most of them rest at the feet of poor installation – if some gaps are left between the cladding and the wall, rain can seep in to the original exterior. The moisture can then become trapped and lead to damp or structural damage.

Textured wall coatings

A textured wall coating is just another paint style. Techniques are adjusted to give you a sanded, subtle or ‘popcorn’ finish. The existing paint has to be stripped off before the fresh coat can be applied.

Compared to stone cladding, there are several advantages:

* Generally, you won’t spend as much – cladding takes longer to prepare and cut, whilst a textured coat relies on paint and the right skills to make it bubble or grain

* There’s a chance to retain the original texture of your wall spaces

* Time is reduced, because nothing has to be sized and cut

* Colours are more diverse, since a whole palette is at your disposal.

The main drawback, comparatively, is less resistance to rain and UV over the years. Textured wall coatings are resilient, but not as much as a layer of cladding – stone is marginally hardier on the whole.

Landing on the perfect exterior solution

We’ve run over the main differences, but the decision lies with you. What does your budget and taste point towards? Who knows – a combination might even do the trick…

If you aren’t sure, we can make an assessment. MK Rendering provide stone cladding features and textured wall coatings throughout the UK. When clients are hovering between two possibilities, we love pinning one down. Call 0800 411 8675 or message us at for further information.

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